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Image Licence Information

 The copyright in a photograph in most cases belongs to the photographer. In today's digital world, photographers sell licences to use electronic images as a way of producing income, which is only fair as in many cases it has cost the photographer time,money and sometimes considerable effort to produce those images.

Licencing images for commercial use (stock images) falls broadly under two categories, Non -Exclusive Use or Exclusive - Use.

Non - Exclusive Use.

These are images for which you pay a  fee for the use of the image with some restrictions on use but you have no exclusivity. In other words, the image can be licenced as many times as the photographer wishes.

Generally, these images are generic in nature and are licenced for lower fees. Uses for these images would be:- Packaging, Greeting cards, calendars etc. Think kittens,puppies,flowers, rainbows and sunsets etc.

Exclusive Use.

These are images for which you pay a calculated fee for each different use of the image/s which is generally renewable after a set period negotiated between you and the photographer. It also means that you may have exclusive use of the image/s during that licenced period.

These images are more specific to a business's needs and attract higher fees. Eg, A Marine tourism company wants to use an image of one of their boats that shows the boat in a great way that they may otherwise need to hire a photographer to shoot. Uses for this image would possibly include websites, sales materials, promotional materials etc which are all relevant to that business. However, that image may also have other uses that the photographer can exploit which is why you pay higher fees for exclusive use.

Stock images on this website are downloadable for Non-Exclusive & Exclusive Use. Should you see an image that you would like to licence exclusively, please contact me.

"But, I can download photos off Google for free!"

Yes, you can. But you will probably be illegally infringing the photographer's copyright and you can be taken to court if he tracks you down, which is not that difficult to do. Not such a cheap photo any more!

"I can buy micro-stock images from photo agencies for $1!

Absolutely, you go right ahead! I just don't subscribe to that sales model because I would rather be a price-maker than a price- taker.  I also think my images are worth more than $1! Hopefully, you do too.

Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me